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Wild & Free Brands holds a portfolio of wellness brands designed to empower people to feel and look their best. 

Backed by scientific research, Wild & Free products contain only premium, ethically-sourced, nutrient-dense food ingredients to deliver optimum bioavailability, performance and results. 

Natural and great-tasting, each of our innovative formulations is carefully balanced to provide the correct daily dose, scientifically-proven to provide optimal health benefits.   

A socially responsible, ethical company, we promise authenticity in everything we do: from our people and practices, to our products and the results they produce. 

Wild & Free Brands works only with like-minded partners, developing mutually-beneficial relationships to ensure our ethical standards are reflected in every aspect of our products.

Our sense of social responsibility is at the fore: every purchase of a Wild & Free Brands product helps fund global, social and environmental impact initiatives.