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Sass and Co Body - Volcanic Sea Salt + Coconut Scrub 250g

Sass and Co

Sass and Co Body - Volcanic Sea Salt + Coconut Scrub 250g


Love our body scrub but feel the need for a hand scrub too?  Our Volcanic Sea Salt + Coconut Scrub is officially antibacterial and is now available in an easy-to-go portable pouch. Think your clutch purse, glove box, stash box, top draw or bathroom vanity.  Because you never know when your hands or body will need a good scrub down.

✖️ Rich in antioxidants and minerals, volcanic ash can help cleanse the skin, clear blemishes and heal inflammation. 

✖️We added:

✖️Detoxifying sea salt for a fresh and deep scrub 

✖️Exfoliating coconut husk and hydrating coconut oil

✖️Invigorating pure lemon essential oil for its fresh aroma and antibacterial properties

✖️Mega-moisturising hemp seed oil


✖️Exfoliating stimulates both blood flow and the production of collagen, essential for rejuvenating your body, and freshly polished skin reveals the healthy, plumper layer below it.

✖️Plus, this process creates a pathway that allows further moisture absorption, provided by argan oill and a superabundance of shea and cocoa butters.


✖️Awesome results for:

✖️Reducing redness + inflammation

✖️Healing skin irritations

✖️Softening scars

✖️Reducing pigmentation